The advantages of PVC artificial stones

One of the most vital issues in the structural design of construction is the weight of materials and components used. It is evident that the lighter weight the constructions have the better operation they show against natural disasters. Hence should we utilize light materials in constructions, fewer sources of energy will be consumed and it makes the buildings eco-friendly.

There are not diverse materials witch fulfill all demands of designers such as color, theme, durability, lightweight, being affordable, easy and fast for installation, easy to be cleaned.

PVC artificial stone panels have a potent ability to cover all the above requirements:

  1. The thickness of PVC artificial stone is about 4mm and it makes them much lighter rather than similar materials.
  2. A dominant attitude of PVC stone panels is their appearance. They resemble natural stone in form and color and theme. Consequently, when an individual looks at natural stone and PVC artificial stone simultaneously they are not distinguishable from one another.


                                        PVC artificial stone                                                 Natural stone



  1. The surface of the PVC panels is glossy and smooth enough to be cleaned easily. In addition, dust, oil, the liquid can be washed and removed by varied cleaners.

  1. PVC stone panel is affordable. They decrease the expenses of building constructing because of the low price of these materials. They are much more economical than similar materials such as wood and natural stones.

  1. Time is the most precious possession we have. So, we should save it. The installation of PVC stone panels is simple. As a professional team can install at least 300m2 per day, the usage of PVC stone panels helps the builder to complete the projects as fast as possible.


There are varied collections of PVC artificial stone panels and frames on, such as onyx, marble, travertine and granite theme, which help architecture choose light, spectacular and contemporary interior materials.


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